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Chapter 515 All for Nothing

  • "Yun, what do you think we should do about this? I have already promised to pay them compensation for this matter. It won't look good if we don't keep our promises."
  • Su Kun had never been through such a huge crisis. All this while, he had been supporting the company alone by relying on the people under him. It was fairly reasonable that he would panic when he was met with such an issue.
  • "Dad, you just agreed verbally, right? Did you sign any agreement?"
  • "Oh, in that case, no. I just agreed verbally and bought some supplements for them."
  • "That's good. Since it's just a verbal promise, it depends on how we spin this story, whether we have agreed on the said amount or not. We can leave them alone—it doesn't matter what they want to say. Since they ask reporters to expose this matter, so can I!"
  • Su Ruoyun looked quite proud of herself.
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