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Chapter 30 I Have One Condition

  • "But isn't congenital heart disease curable? If they discovered it early, why…"
  • Wen Qingmu did not understand it. Even though he did not have much medical knowledge, he was vaguely aware that surgery could extend a patient's lifespan. If detected early, it would not be as serious and the outcome would generally be good.
  • Su Luoli wiped her tears from her face roughly.
  • "He shouldn't even have been born." There was a bitter smile on Su Luoli's face as she grabbed the bottle from Wen Qingmu and took another gulp.
  • This made Wen Qingmu uncomfortable. He smiled wryly. "There's no such thing as should or shouldn't."
  • He, too, was one of those who should not have been born…
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