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Chapter 340 Mrs Wen Has Gone Missing

  • “What did you just say?” The expression on Wen Qingmu’s face took a drastic change.
  • “We were waiting outside the airport and we thought that the flight was delayed. Since we didn’t see Mrs. Wen after a long time, we went into the airport and found that her flight had actually landed on time! It has been over an hour but we still can’t find Mrs. Wen. Could she have taken another car back home?”
  • “That’s impossible!”
  • “We got into an accident on our way to the airport which caused a delay. Perhaps Mrs. Wen lost her patience and hailed a taxi home herself? Mr. Wen, should you give Mrs. Wen a call?”
  • Without saying a thing, Wen Qingmu ended the call and dialed Su Luoli’s phone number at once.
  • “Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable.”
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