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Chapter 626 Which Side Are You On?

  • Su Luoli was shocked upon seeing the bird’s nest porridge in the pot. Although the meals for the servants in the Crystal Garden had always been good, bird’s nest porridge was too expensive for them.
  • “Mrs. Wen, it’s really nothing.” One of the servants hurriedly put the lid back.
  • Su Luoli flashed a smile to the servants without probing further. “Carry on then.” With that, she left the kitchen. But a doubt remained in her heart. Did the servants take the birds nest without permission? Its impossible. All of them are well trained. Even if they really want to eat the birds nest, they wouldnt cook it in the kitchen in broad daylight. Something fishy must be going on.
  • Wen Qingmu was going about his day as usual. He went to work in the morning and returned home pretty early.
  • Just when he reached home that evening, Jian Yu interrogated, “Where did you hide Little Chili? Spill it!”
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