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Chapter 440 The Video Call on the Snow-Covered Mountain

  • By the time Su Luoli woke up, it was already almost noon the next day.
  • Perhaps it was due to their imminent separation, Wen Qingmu did not even attempt to control his urge last night as he kept asking for more. Yet, as Su Luoli had agreed not to beg for mercy, she could only let him do whatever he wanted. In the end, she was so exhausted that she had fallen asleep without having any idea when he had actually stopped messing with her.
  • At this hour, Wen Qingmu would have already boarded the plane and left. Su Luoli had intended to send him off but she already missed the chance to do it now.
  • There was a note placed on top of the bedside table written by Wen Qingmu before he left. ‘Dear, I love you forever.’
  • Looking at his beautiful handwriting, Su Luoli could not help but break into a grin. Fortunately, he was going to be away for only one week.
  • Around nighttime, she received a message from Wen Qingmu. ‘Li, I’ve arrived at the hotel. Don’t worry about me.’
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