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Chapter 671 You Traitor

  • Mu Ranzheng followed Fang Duo into her bedroom.
  • The expression on Fang Duo’s face was calm, as if she was unflustered by what happened. She appeared to be the same as her usual self with the same normal expression on her face. Mu Ranzheng did not seem to be surprised by that either.
  • “Do you mind telling me what exactly are you thinking?” A smile remained on Fang Duo’s face.
  • “Will you be upset?” Mu Ranzheng already knew what he was going to say the moment he saw Fang Duo.
  • “Upset? I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a mature woman. I’ll think about the reason that caused something like this to happen. Being upset will not help with the situation.” Fang Duo remained calm and composed.
  • Suddenly, Mu Ranzheng smiled. “I knew you would say something like that. If it was you who ran away from the engagement ceremony, I think I’ll be upset.”
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