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Chapter 714 He’s Different

  • In the beginning, Mu Ranzheng and his fellow actors and actresses thought they were only here to experience the vibe of the army and the idea of going through the real military life never occurred to them. However, that was exactly what happened, and they were also judged by the same requirements as the rest of the troop members!
  • Su Luoli, who had also taken up one of the roles in the movie, was one of the actresses that joined the Special Forces together with him. However, because she was going to play a medical personnel in the movie, she spent most of her time with the military doctors.
  • The first thing they did after joining the Special Forces was hand over their phones.
  • Mu Ranzheng fished out his phone and switched it on in order to send a message to Li Qinqin.
  • They had not contacted each other for a while because Li Qinqin was busy with exams. In fact, he had yet to inform her that he was joining the Special Forces as he had assumed he was only here to experience life as a military personnel and never thought that the rules would be so strict.
  • “Mr. Mu, please abide by our rules!” The officer who looked stern immediately spotted his action.
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