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Chapter 697 Scar

  • Right below Mu Ranzheng’s left eye somewhere near his cheekbones was a deep scar.
  • In addition to the beard that he hadn’t shaved and the face that he hadn’t washed thoroughly for a month, he looked exactly like an old man who had experienced countless ups and downs in life.
  • In the entertainment industry, Mu Ranzheng was famous as a young handsome idol with great acting skills. He himself cared a lot about his looks too. Yet, his looks now were…
  • When he saw himself in the mirror, he finally understood why Su Luoli’s eyes flickered, and why the nurse applied those pungent ointment on his face every day. The nurse had told him that since he was a patient, he couldn’t use other skincare products.
  • When Su Luoli rushed to the hospital from home, she brought pork rib soup and a few of Mu Ranzheng’s favorite dishes.
  • “Wake up now. Don’t stay in bed! Did you sleep from morning until night again?” Su Luoli put the food box on the table.
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