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Chapter 592 Dirty Bastard

  • He gave Su Luoli a hard pull and she fell into the tub.
  • “Ah! You’re so annoying! I’m all wet now!” As Su Luoli was trying to crawl out of the tub, she was grabbed back by Wen Qingmu.
  • “Isn’t that good? We haven’t done it in the tub for a while now!” Wen Qingmu held tight onto her and purred in her ears, “I missed you, dear.”
  • Their passionate makeout caused the water in the steamy tub to splash about as the temperature around them slowly raised.
  • The next morning after waking up, Su Luoli could feel the ache all over her body. The tub was such a hard surface that it caused her body to be sore all over. Just when Su Luoli was quietly cursing Wen Qingmu, his handsome face immediately showed up in front of her.
  • “Time to get up, you sleepyhead! Even Sansan had woken up!” She gave him a glare with her squinting eyes. “It’s all because of you. Let’s not do it in the tub ever again! It hurts so bad!”
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