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Chapter 127 Destroy It!

  • Wen Qingmu had been very busy these few days. He also noticed that Su Luoli was in a bad mood, and was prepared to spend some time with her once he was done with work. However, she was nowhere to be found.
  • Of the two new servants, the older lady was Mrs. Fang, while the younger was Lihua.
  • Zhao Nini and Lihua had no idea where Su Luoli was, and Mrs. Fang had gone to the market.
  • Coincidentally, Su Luoli had seen Mrs. Fang when she was leaving and told her that she was going to the Su family home. No one else knew.
  • "How did you let an entire human being disappear from under your eyes! Is this how you work?!"
  • Wen Qingmu's voice resounded across the whole villa.
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