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Chapter 365 I’m Touching My Wife

  • It was only then that Su Luoli realized with a start that her period was late for a week. She was delighted because the last time she was pregnant, she had no idea about it until she suffered a miscarriage. Since then, she had been very careful.
  • Since it was still early, Su Luoli got back under the comforter. She glanced at Wen Qingmu who was still sound asleep beside her before snuggling in his arms. I’ll sleep for a bit before breaking the news to Wen Qingmu.However, by the time she woke up, Wen Qingmu was already gone.
  • When he woke up in the morning and saw the sweet smile plastered across Su Luoli’s face, he didn’t have the heart to wake her up. Hence, he snuck out of bed and left for straightaway for work.
  • Su Luoli couldn’t help but feel disappointed because she wanted to convey this important news to him in person.
  • Just then, she received a phone call from Xu Xingru. “Luoli, please get ready straightaway. You have a photoshoot for the front page of a magazine .”
  • “Oh? What’s the rush?”
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