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Chapter 442 Liar!

  • When Su Luoli heard Jian Yu’s words, she finally raised her head and went to the bathroom to tidy herself up. Then, she changed her clothes before heading to the study.
  • Even the lawyer, who was wearing a neat suit, felt sorry for Su Luoli after seeing her in such a state.
  • “Mrs. Wen, President Wen left a will. The will is effective from the 5th day onward after he’s confirmed dead or missing. Since President Wen has been missing for more than five days, I have to hand his will to you.”
  • Due to Wen Qingmu’s special identity, they only announced to the public that Wen Qingmu was lost in the snow-capped mountain and not dead.
  • “What did he write in the will?” Su Luoli looked at the lawyer with expectant eyes.
  • The lawyer looked at the pages-long will. “Mrs. Wen, I’ll simplify everything for you. President Wen left all his movable and immovable property to you. He also appointed you as his only heir, which is binding forever.”
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