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Chapter 746 Every Day Is the Same

  • Daisy seemed to find his question funny.
  • “Of course I am. As vampires, we can be young forever. We have boundless energy as well as the ability to move at a speed beyond the limit of humans. Also, we’re immortal. For you and I who were turned at a young age, we can keep our young appearance forever.” Daisy beamed with joy when she spoke.
  • Yet, Su Jianmo found her statement hilarious.
  • “Living, aging, getting sick and dying are phases that all humans will experience according to nature. Although no one likes to get old, being old has its advantages too. As you age, you see life differently, and every year you age holds different meanings to a human. So they get to spend their everyday lives differently.”
  • Daisy did not expect such words to come from the young man.
  • “But what about us? Have you changed in any way today compared to how you were yesterday? Or, have you changed in any way now compared to how you were ten years ago? Our lives are meaningless.”
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