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Chapter 590 You Singleton

  • After hearing Wen Qingmu’s incoherent explanation, Jian Yu got the general picture of what had happened.
  • “What should I do now? Li must be very mad at me. That’s why she turned off her phone. She must be ignoring me now!” It felt like Wen Qingmu was facing his greatest enemy.
  • “Hey, try acting like a man. Can you not react as if World War Three is coming over such a trivial thing?” Jian Yu gave Wen Qingmu a weird look as he was completely different from his usual self.
  • “You’ve never fallen in love before and you don’t even have a girlfriend! How could you know how I feel? Hurry up and help me think of a plan!”
  • “I don’t think this is related to Luoli’s phone being turned off. Maybe the battery was dead or the phone was busted.”
  • “So you’re saying that her phone just so happens to break or lose power at this exact point in time? How is that possible?” Wen Qingmu didn’t believe his words.
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