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Chapter 500 Big Trouble

  • “Our country has strict rules about adding these substances, especially heavy metal and hormonal substances. Hormonal substances can cause reliance on the product, and once someone stops using the product, their skin will instantly reflect problems. That is the reason why their users keep growing.”
  • “Is it harmful to use it in the long run?”
  • “Of course it is. Otherwise, the government wouldn’t have put in so much effort to restrict it. Besides, using the heavy metal substances, hormones are equivalent to using drugs and will cause skin inflammation in the long run.”
  • “There should be a problem then. Why didn’t they receive any negative comments then?” Su Luoli thought about it.
  • “They did, but they deleted it. Color has their own PR team, and the moment someone comments on skin problems, they will immediately deal with it by compensating them or threatening them.”
  • “No wonder. Su Ruoyun is really meticulous, but she used it in the wrong things.”
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