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Chapter 588 Rekindled Affair

  • Wen Qingmu’s voice was as apathetic as ever. The nonchalant tone left an eerily cold feeling in Xiao Moran.
  • “Qingmu, is it really not possible for us to be together?”
  • “Yes, it is impossible.” Wen Qingmu didn’t even hesitate.
  • She stared at him with despair. She was hoping for a tiny bit of hesitation in him to show that he still cared for her, but no, there was not any of it. “Alright, I understand what you mean.”
  • “If you want to hate someone for it, hate me. Whatever you do to me, I will not fight back. Even if you want to take my life, I will not say anything about it, but Li is innocent.” Those were the last words from Wen Qingmu before he departed the cafe.
  • Xiao Moran stayed on her feet, tears running down her face.
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