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Chapter 563 Don’t Be Afraid

  • It was only then did Su Luoli realize that Su Kun had been arrested, and it was only then did she remember that Su Kun was still on probation. He would be severely punished for committing a crime during this period!
  • “Stop talking nonsense! Hurry up!” the police urged.
  • “Su Luoli, you cruel woman! Karma will bite you in the arse! You just sent your father to prison. How merciless!” Su Kun was still yelling at the sky.
  • Listening to her own father scolding herself, Su Luoli felt her heart break.
  • Su Luoli only got into the car with her baby after the driver urged her.
  • She was in a trance along the way. Looking at the baby in her arms, who seemed to be sleeping soundly, she put her face on the baby’s and felt his presence.
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