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Chapter 789 The President Was Trying To Be Pampered

  • The next morning, Wen Qingmu still had fever as children’s medicine would tend to be weaker in terms of potency. It would therefore be less effective to adults.
  • Looking at the thermometer, Su Luoli sighed. “It’s 38ºC. Let’s go to the hospital. Children’s medicine is not effective for you.”
  • When Wen Qingmu heard the word ‘hospital’, he gathered himself up at once. “I think I feel much better! Look, it was 38.5ºC before this, but now, the temperature has decreased. I will be alright after taking the medicine for another day.”
  • “Come on! There isn’t much difference between 38ºC and 38.5ºC. Listen to me, let’s go to the hospital immediately. Your body temperature will be back to normal after taking some fever medicine.”
  • Maybe it was because Wen Qingmu was ill, which explained why he lacked the strength when he embraced Su Luoli.
  • “Dear, let’s not go to the hospital. I think I will be alright staying at home together with you. I missed you really much.”
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