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Chapter 326 Suicide

  • “Ruoyun, isn’t this an easy thing to solve? With you and Murong Yi’s power, you could easily spend some money to ask the media outlets to shut up.” Su Ruoyao wasn’t taking the problem seriously at all.
  • “What do you know? If I could solve it by spending money, it would be easy!”
  • Su Ruoyun cherished her wedding very much. She invited many media outlets and there were even media outlets that weren’t invited who came.
  • In order to not miss a single headline, she allowed any reporter who had a journalist’s pass to attend her wedding ceremony.
  • That was why Su Ruoyun didn’t know which media outlet had attended her wedding ceremony. She didn’t know who’s mouth she should pay to shut up!
  • This time, she really shot herself in the foot!
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