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Chapter 665 You Betrayed Me

  • Li Qinqin looked at Mu Ranzheng with an astounded look. “It’s you, Mu Ranzheng! You betrayed me! And to think that I trusted you! You b*stard!”
  • “Take her into the car!” ordered Li Hanjiang. The bodyguards then swiftly captured Li Qinqin and put her into the car.
  • Li Hanjiang gave Mu Ranzheng a nod.
  • “Mr. Mu, thank you for taking in my daughter. We brought so much trouble to your family before this, yet you still took her in regardless. I will remember your kindness for sure. If you need any favors next time, just voice them out. I will do whatever I can to help you out.”
  • Mu Ranzheng still did not know what just happened, but Li Hanjiang had already blabbered so much.
  • “I’ll bring her back first then.”
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