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Chapter 86 No Need to Stand on Ceremony, We're Bros

  • In recent days, she had been filming some action scenes. She had injured herself slightly, and had bought medicine.
  • Xia Feixue's father was a general, and Xia Feixue had inherited her father's mantle. She knew martial arts and killed enemies on the battlefield, so Su Luoli had quite a number of action scenes.
  • Filming action scenes back-to-back had resulted in many bruises.
  • The medicine was for blood circulation and was the classic dark brown in color. It had spilled all over the pink gown, resulting in uneven patches.
  • Su Luoli immediately called Mu Ranzheng and Feng Qian over from next door.
  • When he saw the gown, Mu Ranzheng rubbed his head in pain.
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