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Chapter 595 It’s Time to Make Way for Me

  • The scorns on the Internet toward Su Luoli came piling on as fast as a flood. All of the comments under her account were words of disdain toward her.
  • Very soon, Wen Qingmu responded by sharing Su Luoli’s tweet and commenting, ‘She’ll be serving her punishment tonight!’ He even paired his comment with expressions of triumph.
  • At the bottom, the netizens immediately commented, ‘President Wen, aren’t you mad at her?’
  • Then, Wen Qingmu intentionally brought up that specific comment to reply, ‘Ever since there was a third party in the house, our marriage life has been deeply affected. Some woman only knows how to care for her son, so I’ll use this chance to take back what was once my place!’ This comment was liked by countless people. A perfectly good catfight was then easily ended with a blunt public display of affection.
  • That night, Wen Qingmu posted another tweet. It showed a photo of Su Luoli holding her son, Sansan, with his face blurred. The editing done on the picture added a warm feel to it.
  • ‘Sometimes it all feels just like a dream. This woman was once deemed in a vegetative state by the doctor for three months until she miraculously woke up the day before the birth of her son. After giving birth to Sansan, she passed out again and Sansan stayed in the incubator for a month. During that period, this woman kept on breastfeeding him until recently he was weaned from breastfeeding. Every woman deserves the best love.’ His previous tweets were all in a humorous tone, so it was rare for him to post something this wholesome.
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