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Chapter 470 She Is My Woman

  • “Are you mad?! How could you allow a pregnant woman to run back and forth like that? You can’t compromise with her just because of what she said!”
  • Wen Qingmu stood up from the rooftop. “She is my woman. She can do whatever she pleases. I will support her!”
  • “You madman! You are being unreasonable! How could you allow a pregnant woman to go on an expedition with you in the forest? Even if you don’t care about her, you should consider her unborn child!’
  • “I am happy to do that!” Wen Qingmu dusted his bottom and got down the rooftop immediately. Then, he rushed into the bedroom as fast as he could.
  • Su Luoli had already cleaned up the house.
  • “Li! I have decided! I will bring you along! You will go wherever I go! We will never be apart anymore!” Wen Qingmu grabbed Su Luoli’s hands as he beamed.
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