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Chapter 649 An Immediate Divorce

  • Li Hanjiang soon found himself in a dilemma. If what Li Qinqin said was true, then she must keep her unborn child. As Li Qinqin said, he could indeed not think of another man worthy of marrying his daughter besides Wen Qingmu. Furthermore, he reckoned the marriage with the Wen Family would be beneficial to Xiang Li Group.
  • “Daddy, I’m begging you, please.” Li Hanjiang was softened up even more when he saw Li Qinqin’s tears rolling down her cheek.
  • Meanwhile, Wen Qingmu and Su Luoli were waiting downstairs in the living room. They seemed worried as they weren’t certain whether Li Hanjiang could persuade his daughter.
  • Soon, Li Hanjiang came downstairs, but without Li Qinqin.
  • “President Li, I was right, wasn’t I? She is just crazy for me!” Wen Qingmu stood up and looked Li Hanjiang in the eyes.
  • Hmph! Wen Qingmu, you made my daughter pregnant! And now you want me to take her home?! You created this mess, so you should take care of it yourself!” Li Hanjiang suddenly changed his stance.
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