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Chapter 597 Make Him Mine Tonight

  • After not meeting for a long time, the guys drank together that evening to celebrate Jian Yu’s return. The merry occasion called for lots of drinking, singing, dancing, chatter, and festivity.
  • Li Rujiao sat with the guys, looking slightly out of place, but she was used to it. They had known each other for years, and the guys did not see her as a young lady either.
  • After a few drinks, Jian Yu stood up with a cup in his hand, walked toward the window, and opened it slightly. The moonlight was bright and beautiful that night.
  • Li Rujiao’s focus stayed fixed in Jian Yu’s direction. Something was off about her tonight.
  • “Little Chili, is something up with you today? Why are you acting all coy and feminine like one of those young ladies?” Mousey said as he gave Li Rujiao a pat on the shoulder.
  • “What are you talking about? I am a young lady!” Li Rujiao retorted.
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