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Chapter 383 The Drunken Incident

  • Su Luoli heaved a sigh. “Naturally, Jianmo is very important to me, but you’re equally important. I didn’t call or send you any messages because I was worried that I’d bother you, so I didn’t dare do so. After that, it was indeed because I was busy with the clothing company. Anyway, since you didn’t pick up my calls or reply to my messages the last time, I knew that there was no use calling you, so I just waited for you to contact me when you’re free.”
  • Raising her eyes, she then looked at Wen Qingmu, but he seemed to have fallen asleep.
  • “Alright, we’ll just talk when you’re awake and sober tomorrow.” She stood up, thinking of undressing him so that he could sleep more comfortably.
  • His shirt didn’t pose much of a problem, but the same couldn’t be said for his pants; she tugged on both pants and only managed to pull them off after expending tremendous effort, falling on her bottom from the excessive strength she put into it.
  • Thud! Something seemed to have fallen out of the pocket of his pants.
  • Getting up from the floor, Su Luoli picked it up. When she realized what it was that had fallen out, she was instantly shocked. Condoms! There are condoms in his pocket? She was absolutely certain that they weren’t for them since they hadn’t used any contraception ever since they’d decided to have a baby. Obviously, he bought them outside!
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