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Chapter 787 The President Has Fallen Sick

  • Jiujiu looked at Wen Qingmu, sobbing, but only listened quietly.
  • "Your brother didn't bring this much trouble to your mother! Only you! When she was pregnant with you, she vomited everyday, and lost more than 10 pounds during the early stages of her pregnancy! Not to mention, the pain she endured when she gave birth to you! And this is all because of you!"
  • Jiujiu listened to what he said, but didn't really understand him.
  • "And when you were sick when you were young, your Mummy was always by your side, holding you and caring for you all the time without eating or drinking. Each time you got sick, she would lose a few pounds from fussing over you! And you say you want to switch mothers!? You've really disappointed me!"
  • This was the first time she had seen Wen Qingmu in such a state. Her daddy had always smiled at her, but seeing as he was now, she was suddenly very afraid.
  • "The other aunties are young and beautiful because they have never given birth to children and have no children to take care of! Before you and your brother were born, your mother was the most beautiful of them all! But now, she has to take care of the two of you. Do you really think that just because they gave you a few pieces of candy, and brought you out to eat delicious food a few times, that they really have your best interests at heart? When you grow up, only then will you understand who truly cares for you! Your mummy was right, Jiujiu. I spoil you too much! And now you have become spoiled!"
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