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Chapter 786 Can We Get A New Mummy?

  • All these things happened one after another, causing Wen Qingmu to have a headache!
  • Wen Qingmu could only call the doctor and have him take a look at Qi before he himself rushed to school right afterward.
  • Sansan had gotten into serious trouble this time. He had punched his fellow classmate, and the boy was seriously injured with his head bleeding non-stop. When they had rushed him to the hospital, they mentioned that he might have a concussion.
  • The other party knew about Wen Qingmu’s background. They also knew that Sansan had already switched schools once and that the other schools wouldn't dare to take him in as a student. They knew that the Wen Family wouldn't be looking for more trouble, so they were even less scrupulous.
  • This was the first time Wen Qingmu had been so aggrieved.
  • They had demanded a large amount of money as compensation. Although the money was trivial to Wen Qingmu, the entire situation was frustrating.
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