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Chapter 785 Sweet-Talker

  • "Just stay here and look after her. You can hand all your tasks today to another person. If anyone opposes, just tell them it was my order. Bring Jiujiu for a walk if she gets bored, but you are not allowed to bring her out of the company building," Wen Qingmu said as he listed his instructions one by one.
  • "Yes, President Wen. Please attend the meeting without being worried. I will take good care of Miss Jiujiu."
  • Wen Qingmu nodded and petted Jiujiu's head. "Daddy is going for a meeting. Be a good girl and wait for me to come back."
  • "I got it, Daddy. I love you!" Jiujiu replied happily and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
  • It was such a sweet kiss!
  • Initially, Wen Qingmu was weary from dealing with Qi and his fever, but he felt as though recharged and filled with energy after this kiss.
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