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Chapter 783 First Time Lecturing His Daughter

  • Wen Qingmu's heart wrenched in pain when he heard Su Luoli's cries. He could not remember the last time he had heard his wife crying like this as it was too long ago.
  • He punched his fist into his palm and returned to the bedroom in a huff. However, Jiujiu would never stay still being punished. With another cheeky idea in her mind, she decided to climb onto the bed.
  • "Get down here now!"
  • Looking at the current state of the bedroom, which used to be warm and cozy, even Wen Qingmu felt that Jiujiu had overdone it this time.
  • Jiujiu, who had just climbed onto the bed, immediately opened her arms toward Wen Qingmu when she saw that he had returned.
  • "Daddy, hug me!"
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