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Chapter 780 Sister Complex

  • This gave Wen Qingmu a huge headache!
  • “He’s my husband. There’s no way he can be your husband. Now go to sleep!” Su Luoli added.
  • Jiujiu took advantage of Wen Qingmu’s love for her and refused to give up. “Daddy, whose husband do you say you are?”
  • Looking at her precious daughter, Wen Qingmu did not know whether to cry or to laugh. “Of course, Daddy is Mommy’s husband. Jiujiu, be a good girl and go back to sleep now.”
  • “Hmph, I’ll ignore you from now on!” Jiujiu struggled out of Wen Qingmu’s arms and got down from the bed. She then left the bedroom while swaying her little chubby buttock.
  • Ever since having a daughter, Wen Qingmu had another task that gave him a headache, which was coaxing his daughter. Sometimes, he even felt that Jiujiu was more difficult to handle than Su Luoli.
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