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Chapter 777 I Was Wrong

  • Since he was now in the Huo residence and not in his own home, Wen Qingmu had no choice but to control himself. Knowing that Su Luoli was still mad at him and that an underage girl, Huo Siya, was living next door, Wen Qingmu dared not make any hasty move.
  • He merely had his arm around her waist, while she continued to ignore him with her back facing him. Though the conflict between them hadn't been fully resolved yet, they managed to fall asleep just like that.
  • When Su Luoli woke up, she was taken aback, for she had opened her eyes to this charming pair of eyes of Wen Qingmu that were all over her. What happened last night? Did I turn to his embrace on my own, or did he take advantage of me by taking me into his arms while I was asleep?
  • Starting to feel a little embarrassed in front of this pair of hot and steamy eyes, she hurriedly tried turning around to fall asleep again. After all, there were no kids to interrupt them, and no work to go to; she could wake up anytime she wanted.
  • However, he seemed to be aware of her intention to turn away from him, as he immediately grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace.
  • Struggling to get out, her face hardened. "Let me go!"
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