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Chapter 763 A Plan To Harm Oneself For Forgiveness

  • As Su Luoli’s tears pooled around her eyes, she finally understood. The dark clouds rolling over the city, the tornado, and the sudden crumbling of the castle—to Sansan, none of these were as terrifying as the things that Wen Qingmu had said.
  • “Sansan, Daddy didn’t mean what he said the other day. We would never have abandoned you because you are my son, do you understand?”
  • Su Luoli placed Sansan on her lap. “Sansan, Mommy won’t leave you out just because I have your sister. I still need you, after all, to help take care of your younger sister and brother. And when I grow old, I will also need you to take care of me. So never think that I don't want you.”
  • Sansan's eyes were still dim as he looked at his mother. He didn’t know what to believe anymore.
  • “I know that you might still be angry, but I will prove to you with my actions that I will not abandon you.”
  • For the next two days, Su Luoli kept close to Sansan and prepared each meal for him. Sansan’s condition improved considerably, but he still didn't speak, and only occasionally shook or nodded his head.
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