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Chapter 754 Close Your Eyes

  • “This doesn’t make sense. Although Wen Qingmu is half-human and half-vampire, he still could have easily caught that stone if he wanted to. Why did he just dodge it?” William pointed out.
  • “Did he do it on purpose? To fool us into believing he is not a vampire anymore,” Bruce speculated.
  • “That’s quite unlikely. Everything happened in an instant. Daisy threw the stone on an impulse and Wen Qingmu just so happened to be there. His first reaction must have been to get his beloved wife out of harm’s way. He couldn’t have had time to think through the whole thing,” Steven added.
  • “In that case, did he really lose his vampire abilities?”
  • They fell silent. No one could believe it was true.
  • Meanwhile, Daisy snuck into the Burt Family’s study. The study belonged to Mr. Burt and was off-limits to everyone, except for himself. For years, no one had dared to enter the forbidden place.
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