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Chapter 752 He Will Never Love You

  • “Daisy, how long are you going to keep up with this childish behavior of yours? You couldn’t seduce your own man, and now you’re here making a fool out of yourself!” Mr. Burt was very displeased. He, too, was humiliated by the fact that Daisy’s husband did not want to be with her on their wedding night. Her act of throwing a tantrum here made him even more upset.
  • “Father, I beg of you. Either let me kill Su Luoli, or let me end my marriage with Wen Qingmu!” Daisy hated Su Luoli to the bone. She did not know of another way to get Su Luoli out of Wen Qingmu’s sight other than to kill her.
  • “You foolish child! It was not easy getting Wen Qingmu on board with the Burt Family. How can we just end this marriage now? If you kill Su Luoli and Wen Qingmu decides to take his hands off this, what will happen to our Burt Family’s great unification?” Mr. Burt was not short-sighted. From the start, he knew how important Su Luoli was to Wen Qingmu so he kept her as collateral to ensure that all their work would not be for naught.
  • “Father!”
  • “Enough! Get out! If you have the time for this, you might as well think about how to seduce a man!” Mr. Burt ordered, then turned toward the housekeeper. “Tell Wen Qingmu to come join our meeting.”
  • The housekeeper left the conference room. However, Daisy had no intention of leaving. “Father, I have never begged you for anything in my life but please take pity on me this time. I don’t want to be a joke to everybody. The last few days were more than enough!”
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