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Chapter 750 Wedding Night

  • Su Luoli was close to being four months pregnant, but her baby bump was still not noticeable. She lost a lot of weight due to her terrible morning sickness. Perhaps that was the reason her bump was smaller and less obvious. Nonetheless, it could not have stayed hidden forever as her bump would have shown with time.
  • Wen Qingmu rubbed Su Luoli’s stomach and embraced her. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you and our baby stay here for much longer.”
  • Su Luoli pulled up a smile on her face and looked at Wen Qingmu. “We’re going home soon, right? When we get back, our family can be together. Sansan and Qi will have a little sister. Our family will be complete then, right?”
  • “Of course!” Wen Qingmu said adamantly. He was determined not to let Su Luoli down.
  • Wen Qingmu slept in Su Luoli’s room that night. As the wedding reception would take place the next day, Daisy could not be bothered by them. After the reception was over, they would be legally married to each other, and Daisy would have more power.
  • The Burt Family was the largest out of all the vampire households. Despite having only invited members of the family to the wedding reception, it was enough to liven up the whole castle.
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