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Chapter 737 Morning Sickness

  • Although Su Luoli knew that Wen Qingmu did all that for her, she felt that he was too apathetic.
  • “It’s his wife who’s breastfeeding, so he should tell the kitchen to prepare her meals. What does it have to do with me? I only know that my wife doesn’t have an appetite!” Wen Qingmu was annoyed, but when he looked at Su Luoli’s pale face, his heart ached for her. “Will you feel better if you drink milk?”
  • Su Luoli sighed while shaking her head before pressing her face against Wen Qingmu’s chest. “I don’t want to drink anything, and I suddenly lost interest in all my favorite foods.”
  • “A pregnant woman will have drastic changes in her palette. This is normal. Try to think of any food you wish to eat. I’ll immediately order someone to prepare it.”
  • Su Luoli still shook her head. Once she talked about eating, she would feel nauseous.
  • “Alright then. Let’s not think about it. You can eat whenever you feel like eating.”
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