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Chapter 736 Enough Eating

  • Sunlight shone through the window, landing on the soft, fluffy bed.
  • Su Luoli woke up first while Wen Qingmu was still sleeping beside her. She leaned toward him and gently tousled his hair.
  • “Don’t come near me…”
  • After a pause, Su Luoli patted Wen Qingmu’s shoulder. “You didn’t sleep?”
  • “I woke up long ago. When did I ever take afternoon naps?” Wen Qingmu opened his eyes and rubbed them.
  • “But you jogged for quite some time yesterday. Aren’t you tired?” Looking at the dark circles under Wen Qingmu’s eyes, Su Luoli felt sorry for him. She was honestly worried that he might get sick if he didn’t get any rest during the day and night.
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