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Chapter 727 No Lovebites

  • Wen Lan’s tone was very gentle just like her temperament. As each and every word she said tugged at Li Qinqin’s heartstrings, tears trickled down her face uncontrollably.
  • “Your dad might look like a tough man who only knows how to make money, but in fact, he’s a very sensitive person. He already admitted last night that perhaps, he wasn’t really against your relationship with Mu Ranzheng. Actually, what irked him was the idea of you dating, getting married and leaving him. He would be upset every time he thought about the fact that his daughter, who he has raised for so many years, was going to leave him soon.”
  • With her lips pursed, Li Qinqin felt bitterness in her heart.
  • “Qinqin, right now, your dad no longer objects to you dating Mu Ranzheng, but he hopes you can finish your studies in the United Kingdom first before coming back home to get married. It will be even better for him if you decide to marry later because he hopes to keep you by his side for two more years.”
  • “I’m surprised to know how sentimental Dad is! He looks so tough on the outside, but what he said is so touching!”
  • Li Qinqin pouted and used a piece of tissue to wipe off the tears on her face.
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