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Chapter 724 Marry Me Then

  • Sitting on the bed in her room, Li Qinqin’s mind was left in a turmoil.
  • She always thought Mu Ranzheng got the faint scar on his face because he had been injured while filming a movie. It was only now did she know that he had been in a car accident which nearly cost him his life.
  • Not daring to probe further to avoid triggering Su Luoli’s suspicion, she worked through the timeline and confirmed that the accident had happened when she had just gone to the United Kingdom. He had the car accident because of a phone call he received.
  • Although there were many people who might have called him, Li Qinqin had a feeling that she was the one who had made that phone call.
  • She knew she was not overthinking because Mu Ranzheng had lied to her.
  • The door then opened and Mu Ranzheng stepped into the room.
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