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Chapter 723 Truth Revealed

  • Jian Yu and Li Rujiao had settled down at Crystal Garden. In the beginning, both of them did not like the place because it was too crowded; they preferred a quiet and peaceful surrounding.
  • Yet, because their daughter was still a baby and also because Jian Yu was working at Dark Empire now, they had decided to stay on and only move out when their daughter got bigger.
  • In the blink of an eye, Li Rujiao and Jian Yu’s daughter, Tiantian, was already seven months old. The chubby girl was very adorable and she had dimples when she smiled.
  • Li Rujiao always stayed at home to take care of her daughter. Under the warm sunlight, Tiantian was sleeping soundly while Li Rujiao herself was also getting sleepy.
  • Suddenly, she turned around and caught sight of Sansan who was standing by the door. Flashing him a smile, she beckoned him over. “Sansan, come over here.”
  • Sansan scampered over and stood on tiptoe to look at Tiantian who was sleeping in the crib.
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