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Chapter 716 Give It up

  • Mu Ranzheng was secretly dating a student!
  • That was one huge piece of news!
  • Because of the movie, ‘Brothers’, Mu Ranzheng was once again noticed by the general audience. He had also changed his image completely and it had caused his career to soar to its peak once again. On top of that, his acting career had also reached new heights because of the Best Actor Award he had just received. Therefore, the breakout of the news had drawn the attention of many.
  • The news had caused a sensational stir as it had been posted at 11 o’clock at night, a time when most of the people were browsing the internet on their phones before going to bed.
  • The celebrity gossip website had made this piece of news their headlines and they had even included photos of Li Qinqin and Mu Ranzheng. Yet, they had not revealed everything to the public—Li Qinqin’s identity was kept a secret with her face pixelated in the photos.
  • The couple had been having fun and behaving very intimately with each other in the United Kingdom. According to the insider, the couple had already moved in together and the reason Mu Ranzheng had gone to the United Kingdom for a study trip was to spend time with the student.
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