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Chapter 710 Failed

  • “What?” Mu Ranzheng was still a little confused. He didn’t understand what Li Qinqin meant.
  • “We’re a couple who are sleeping on the same bed at night. Are you really just going to lay here and do nothing?” Li Qinqin placed both of her hands on Mu Ranzheng’s chest and leaned closer. At that moment, she was infuriated!
  • “W-What should we do?” Mu Ranzheng mumbled in response. He could only feel the flame in his body become stronger.
  • Li Qinqin stared at Mu Ranzheng intently, as if she wanted to look through him.
  • “Have… s*x!” Li Qinqin yelled unceremoniously. She wasn’t a reserved and shy girl so she wasn’t ashamed to say it out loud.
  • Mu Ranzheng gulped. He couldn’t believe what Li Qinqin was asking him to do.
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