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Chapter 706 Boyfriend

  • After some careful reflection, Mu Ranzheng realized that he shouldn’t have let Li Qinqin go to his apartment the last time. After all, men should take the initiative in matters like this. Moreover, he was much older than Li Qinqin.
  • Which was why he had decided that this time, he would go and find Li Qinqin.
  • ‘Okay.’
  • Li Qinqin gave him a simple reply and didn’t say anything else.
  • Today, Mu Ranzheng went home after class to change into a more formal-looking outfit, but he didn’t wear a suit because wearing a suit to university made him feel old. The youthful atmosphere in school was pretty strong so he would look out of place in a suit. Besides, he didn’t want other people to think that there was a big age difference between him and Li Qinqin.
  • Then, he put the pink diamond ring in his pocket. Even though he had gone through hard times, he had never thought of selling or pawning the ring.
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