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Chapter 702 Made a Fortune

  • ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie that makes me feel so excited!”
  • ‘Wanted to go to the bathroom right from the beginning of the movie, but held it in until the very end! I really couldn’t bear to miss a scene!’
  • ‘It’s a movie that is really different from other movies. There were no elements of romance but it was so touching, even a grown man like me couldn’t help but cry!’
  • Other than compliments on the movie, many people also had a lot to say about how much Mu Ranzheng changed.
  • ‘The young, handsome boy that he used to be has grown up to be a stylish, mature man. I love him even more now!’
  • ‘Ranzheng took the courage and tried something new! You’re amazing, man!’
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