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Chapter 701 Surge in Box Office Sales

  • Wen Qingmu seemed determined to not help Mu Ranzheng this time. He had even given orders to his staff in Star King International to not worry about his relationship with Mu Ranzheng and deal with Mu Ranzheng’s problem the same way they would if this had happened to other artists.
  • Furthermore, Xu Xingru had always been a very fair and just person so it was no surprise that Mu Ranzheng didn’t have any jobs.
  • “I heard that dumbo shot a movie.”
  • “Oh,” Wen Qingmu simply replied. It was as if he was not interested in Mu Ranzheng’s matters at all.
  • “You really are cruel. He’s really going through a tough time but you’re not helping him at all.” Su Luoli spoke in a calm tone because she didn’t want Wen Qingmu to feel that she was scolding him.
  • “He needs to be taught a lesson in order for him to grow,” Wen Qingmu said as he got in bed and turned off the light.
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