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Chapter 695 Cutting Ties

  • “Dad, are you really going to cut all ties with me if I refuse to marry Fang Duo?” Mu Ranzheng gaped at his father in consternation.
  • “That’s right! Being the eldest grandson of the family, you’re obligated to be the successor of the family business and shoulder the responsibility assigned to you. Since you’re unwilling to do that, you’ll no longer be the eldest grandson of the family, and you’ll be unworthy of the status too!” Mu Ruchen’s face darkened even further.
  • “Ranzheng, when are you going to stop being so stubborn? It’s about time you grew up. Hurry up and apologize to your father!” Yao Xiangyun was anxious because this was her only child and she didn’t want him to be chased out.
  • With his head drooped, a faint grin suddenly emerged at the corners of Mu Ranzheng’s lips.
  • “Does the welfare of the company really matter so much to the two of you, even more so than your own son?”
  • Not speaking, Mu Ruchen only let out a snort.
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