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Chapter 680 Fighting Incident

  • The publishing house had started work as usual. The first thing they did after the Chinese New Year was release Mu Ranzheng's new book, and they even worked overtime during the New Year for it.
  • "Cheng Yu, you’re so amazing! You actually persuaded Mu Ranzheng! I heard that Mu Ranzheng's new book is very popular in every bookstore. It’s already sold out on the Internet, and there are many people lining up to buy it!"
  • The president of the publishing house was also very satisfied with the results.
  • "President, I’m guessing that this book will be sold for a while longer, so we’re now considering whether to print more."
  • "We should! We definitely should! How can we let go of this opportunity to make more money?! You’ve brought such a great benefit to our agency. I’ll give you a promotion and salary increase! It just happens that your supervisor is retiring, so you can take his position!"
  • Cheng Yu smiled and nodded at the president. "President, thank you. I’ll definitely work harder."
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