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Chapter 674 Wanting Him to Write a Book

  • Su Luoli’s face and voice were very serious. Although she helped Mu Ranzheng the last time to hide the fact that Li Qinqin was staying at his house, it didn’t mean that she supported the two of them together, especially after what Li Qinqin did to seduce Wen Qingmu. Until now, she still couldn’t forget about it.
  • “What are you talking about? How can I be together with Li Qinqin?” Mu Ranzheng always thought that the two of them were impossible as Li Qinqin used to seduce his uncle!
  • “It better be! Then what is the ring for?”
  • “It’s nothing. It’s just that I suddenly remembered about it. It would be a big loss to me if such an expensive ring was accidentally taken away.” His explanations were reasonable but she still felt that he was hiding something from her, but she didn’t ask him as he didn’t seem like answering her.
  • After Su Luoli left the room, Mu Ranzheng fell into despair all over again. 100,000; where was he going to find 100,000? He quickly grabbed his phone over to read Li Qinqin’s message. ‘I think I have enough drawings now. How’s it going with the publisher on your side?’
  • ‘I’m coming to terms with the publisher soon. All we need to discuss now is your royalty.’ Mu Ranzheng could only lie to her as he didn’t want to tell her that an award-winning actor like him couldn’t fork out 100,000.
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