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Chapter 661 In a Bit of a Panic

  • Inside a private room at the Blue Café, Mu Ranzheng and Fang Duo were sitting opposite each other. Upon thinking about what had happened last night, Mu Ranzheng still felt rather embarrassed.
  • On the other hand, Fang Duo was quite composed and calm about it.
  • “I’ve thought this over for the entire night; the both of us aren’t young anymore, and since you’re a man with strong physiological needs, it is understandable. So, let’s get engaged.”
  • Initially, Mu Ranzheng had planned to explain to Fang Duo about the incident yesterday; little did he know that Fang Duo did not take it to heart, and had even discussed getting engaged with him.
  • “Li Qinqin and I…”
  • “There’s really no need for you to mention this anymore; I don’t mind because we’re only in a relationship right now. Even if something really happened between the both of you, I don’t have the right to question you too.”
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